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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Accumulate Calorie Burn FAST With Active Rest

I’ve always been a promoter of HIIT style of working out. But sometimes many people cannot keep up with the constant intensity accompanied. So they take longer breaks in between, which is a no-no especially if you’re doing tabata style HIIT.  I get it though, sometimes you just need to catch your breath. So to counter the unproductive long breaks in between sets, I and any other fitness professional will recommend that you do active rests.

What is active rest?

Active rest is when you remain active in between sets. Whether it is jogging in place or stretching. 

It allows you to fine tune your form, consistently burn calories, keeps your heart rate pumping, and helps you reach hypertrophy (increase size of skeletal muscle). 

The best part of active rest, if done right, is that research has shown that you can increase your VO2 max allowing your body to get more oxygen to your muscles during your workout.

Increasing your VO2 Max will allow your body to absorb more oxygen and essentially make your body operate more efficiently in its efforts to break down carbs into glucose. Additionally, more oxygen will help clear acidity from your muscles.

Quick Lactic acid break down

Hydrogen ions (Acid) are a byproduct of the body breaking down glucose into energy. Those Hydrogen ions end up floating aimlessly in your bloodstream. 

The body’s self-defense mechanism when strenuous activity has be done is too produce negatively charged ion Lactate otherwise known as “lactic acid” which attaches itself to hydrogen ions in the blood.

Lactate actually eases your muscles by reducing the acid build up. And allowing you to keep pushing through your workout.

Back to the Active rests.

Depending on what form of exercise you choose as your active rest, you will be able to get more oxygen into your blood stream at a faster rate. Instead of sitting around on the bench looking at your phone as you ponder on what gym selfie you want to post later on IG.

And since the body is all about synergy, you will undoubtedly burn more calories as your body tries to recover through its automatic responses to stress from working your ass off.

Types of active rest (That you will now be incorporating)

Add these tips into your workout. Make sure you don’t overdo it. For those who keep track of heart rate; keep your heart rate at around 60-75% of Max hr in between sets. 30-45 sec intervals. 1 min+ if you doing HIIT or Tabata.

  • Running in place
  • Jumping jacks
  • Planks
  • Jump roping 
  • Ski jacks
  • Star jumps
  • Speed walking speed walk through the gym. Walk to the other end or to the water fountain and back. If you’re outside, imagine the length of a basketball court and back.
  • Stairs Up and down a flight of stairs.

Check out the video for demonstrations. 

So now that you’ve been enlightened, add some of these exercises to your next workout. And let us know what you think. Happy lifting! #theFittest.

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