The Fittest Custom 8 Week Plan

Get Lean and mean with an 8 Week Plan customized by yours truly.

Not everyone knows what they are doing in the gym. They often go in there with the goal of losing X amount of pounds or putting on X amount of muscle. Unfortunately, it's just not that easy.

Over the past decade, my love for the pump has helped me learn a few secrets about how the body works.

I want to use my knowledge to help all those who are in need of some direction or motivation. 

Your custom plan will include:

  • Overall Goal analysis
  • Daily caloric intake analysis 
  • 8 week custom fitness plan
  • Weekly motivation via email
  • 1 Skype mid-plan check in (~15 Minutes)
  • and 1 final check-in at the end of the 8 weeks
The plan goes for $85 USD. But for this weekend only I will be slashing the price down to only $65.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get the body that you want and get in the best shape that you could have imagined. You obviously will not lose 100 lbs on this plan alone. It is not meant to be a cure all. It is meant to put you on the right track while you see results. Eventually you will be able to iterate on the plan even after the 8 weeks is over.

Don't wait for tomorrow, because in a blink of an eye, motivation is like a fleeting dream that you had last night. It's vivid, bright, and real, but the feelings from that dream fade into non existence just like motivation. So sign up today. Email Trainme.tfb@gmail.com to get your Custom plan started!


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