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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Eat To Survive

Often people come to me asking “Kingsley, How can I lose weight?” and being the guy that I am, I explain to them all the steps that you must take to repair your diet and change your lifestyle. I will usually get the typical “Ok sounds doable” or “This will be easy.” These type of people are usually the first to quit in less than two weeks. But if you’re too lazy to count your macronutrients but still want to lose weight, there is another method you can try which is called eating to survive.
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What exactly is the “eating to survive” method?

Eat to survive method is exactly what is sounds like. It’s a diet that keeps your caloric intake as low as possible without counting.

The objective of eating to survive is too boost your metabolism and trick your body into thinking that you are starving. With added exercise, your body will be forced to tap into fat reserves for energy after all other energy sources (carbs, protein, etc.) have depleted.

So how does this work?

Whenever you have the urge to eat, just have 2-3 bites of whatever it is you have planned to eat during that meal. And no, I am not suggesting you eat junk food or fast food. I am suggesting you only eat what you cook. Whole foods only.

Think of it as, you are doing a form of portion control by eating only what’s necessary and never gorging. You’re eating just to survive.

You must never eat to the point of satisfaction or fullness. The point of the diet is to keep caloric intake down, so do not feed into your indulgences. Aim for 6-8 tiny meals a day.

Essentials when you’re on this diet

Fiber from green leafy greens Fiber is essential and will keep you feeling full throughout the day even though you didn’t eat much.
Protein I cannot stress how important this is. When you cut or lose weight, that weight doesn’t only come from fat or water, it also comes from your muscles. In order to prevent your muscles from entering a catabolic state, try getting protein first thing in the morning or after each workout from whole foods, nuts, or protein supplements.
Multivitamins On this diet, chances are that you will not be eating enough green leafy vegetables or fruits in order to get vitamins and minerals the natural way so you must plan to take Multivitamins to keep your body processes flowing smoothly.
Water only! No soda or alcohol Soda and all the sugar in it will never help you lose weight. Alcohol especially beer is full of empty useless calories. Not only is alcohol full of empty calories, it also inhibits and slows down protein synthesis (This is the scientific word for GAINz). But apparently a glass of red wine a day could actually help you lose weight.

And whatever you do, do not keep snacks around!!!

No Oreos, no candy, no UTZ chips, no, pretzels, no salsa, absolutely nothing that’s is deemed an empty calorie. Your only option for snacks is carrots, cucumbers, apples, nuts, and seeds. Feel free to mix and match your fruit and veggies.

It’s going to take some serious out of this world will power to do this diet. You’re going to want to binge every day when the hunger pains start to kick in.

Who is this diet for? 

The fact that you took the time to read through this article, the chances that you are trying to lose weight is highly likely. Now what separates you from the eccentric calorie and macro counters of the world is how serious you are about making a lifestyle change.

If you want to lose good amount of weight or cut down, then count and track your macronutrients and maintain a calorie deficit for an extended period of time.

If you want to lose a few pounds by your best friend’s wedding date or want to slim down in the short run, then this diet is for you. But I will always recommend combining a strength training regimen into your weekly schedule in combination with high protein intake and/or amino acids in order to prevent too much muscle break down.

Try this diet for 45 days and come back and let us know your results. And never forget, that this only a short term fix. A serious lifestyle check and examination is needed. And only can be the ultimate judge of how fit and healthy you want to be. Happy Lifting! 


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