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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How TRX Exercises Can Get You That “Trim & Toned” Look

In 2015, the amount of health conscientious adults continues to grow. One particular segment is filled with those looking to just tone up. Many know how, but more than often, many hate the workouts that are accompanied. Counterintuitive right? If you are looking to tone up and have fun doing it, then you should give TRX training a try.

What is TRX suspension training

The TRX suspension trainer allows you to perform various exercises just using your own body weight as resistance. You are able to adjust the intensity of the exercise simply by moving closer or further away from the anchor point.

My journey using the TRX Suspension training system began three years ago. Not only do I use it for my own workouts, I incorporate it into Training clients and in group class settings.

Since first incorporating the TRX trainers into my sessions, there has been nothing but positive feedback from clients and individuals who utilize this type of training. The proof is in the results.

Individuals in which I have used the TRX suspension training with have seen extreme weight loss as a result over time.

Yes, it is mainly just your body weight, but you will be astounded by the TRX and its versatility to create complex and calorie burning workouts.

This brings us to the question, “What does the TRX System have to do with the trim and toned look?“

Well when exercising while using only your own body weight,  you’ll find that the body will naturally bear different results than when exercising with free weights such as (dumbbells).

Think of a person training for a body building competition, they are going to be using heavy weights with less repetitions because they want to increase their muscle size.

But for those who are simply seeking to get tone, we would not use heavy weights. Instead, we train with lighter resistance and higher repetitions to work deep into the muscle tissue.

This decreases the adipose tissue(body fat) on top of the muscle and allows our muscles to grow in size while also increasing muscle visibility due to the decrease in fat cells previously resting on the muscle tissue.

Additionally, using the TRX straps requires you to constantly engage your core, due to the fact that you are exercising on an unstable surface. Instability causes reaction, and your body is forced to react to this stimuli. Adding to the intensity and forcing your muscles to contract in an effort to become stable.

The Core

Contrary to popular belief, the core is not only your abdominals. Now imagine this.
Think about what you would look like if you were to cut off your arms, legs, and head.

Imagine your torso just laying there (Freaky. I know). This is your core. It is much more than just your abdominals and love handles.

Now take a second to think about your body and you holding yourself up just by 2 straps hanging from a wall. In order to perform each exercise effectively you must engage the core and tighten these muscles in your mid section including your back, chest, and legs as well.

How does the TRX work? 

All muscles work as one to complete each exercise. Its all about synergy, as The Fittest blogger loves to remind readers.

So go out to your local gym or grab yourself a TRX strap from your local Dick’s. Tip: TRXs are not cheap, make sure your gym has these straps or purchase online for better deals.

If you're looking to achieve the trim and toned body type, then below is a sample workout for beginners.

Naturally, I am an advocate high repetitions when using the TRX for at least 2-3 sets each. I prefer grouping muscles of the lower body with the upper body to work the muscles from head to toe.

Upper Body:
-10 Bicep Curls
-10 Tricep Extensions
*Rest for 1 minute in between sets and repeat 3 times through.

Lower Body:
-10 Jump Squats
-10 Lunge Jumps
*Rest for 1 minute in between sets and repeat 3 times through

-1 minute Plank Hold in Straps
*Rest for 1 minute in between sets and repeat 3 times through.

Take a day from your regular gym session or home routine, and give the TRX a try. I know you wont regret it. #teamFittest.

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Michelle is a graduate from University Of Maryland with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health. She is a Carroll County native and has been working in various gyms for a total of 6 years. Michelle started in the fitness industry by teaching various group classes and then branched off to do personal training. She decided with her experience and education she would venture out and develop her own fitness studio in her very own community geared towards private personal training and group classes. Michelle has a true passion for fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle which is why she enjoys being a leader in her community in the preventative health field.

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