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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Never Thought I Would Ever Enjoy Working Out

August 9th 2016 was the first time I heard about the 30 days challenges from The Fittest Blogger. Summer was almost over and the biggest thing in my life at the time that I can remember was not being happy with my body.

30 day challengers| The Fittest Blogger
Although I wasn’t happy with my body, I was not willing to spend money paying for the gym, trying the next fitness fad, or anything related to being fit. Then, randomly, Kingsley told me to try his challenges. I had no friggin idea what I was getting myself into.

As I read through the messages of our conversation, I came to the extreme realization that “Exercise is boring,”I hate the gym,Oh God, exercising is REALLY boring,” but I’ll try the challenge for 30 days. I can quit this sh*t after and be done with exercising for the rest of my life…

A week after that conversation, I started the challenge.

I doubted myself daily. I complained daily. I don’t know how to do push-ups, I am not doing the frog exercise right (Burpees), I am so sore I can’t walk so I’ll skip the challenge just for today.

But for some reason, this guy that I barely knew would always tell me in my moments of doubt “I have faith in you girl, don’t chicken out.”

As assholish as it may seem, Kingsley always made it known that if I had any questions, I should always feel free to ask him. 

The beginning was tough and I remember how much I hated EVERY SINGLE EXERCISE (I still hate some of them).

But these challenges always kept me motivated. I did not want to fail.

The hope of seeing progress at the end of the challenges drove me to the point of utter excitement.

I read more about diets. I researched healthier foods. I did my due diligence to make sure that I was going to see progress.

And as a junk food lover, I knew that I needed to change some bad eating habits. 

Giving up my favorite Brazilian desserts and Mcdonald's was the hardest part about the challenge. 

But I had one goal at the end of his challenge. I didn't want to get bigger nor to lose weight. All I wanted was to get lean. 

Midway through the challenge, the exercises were getting easier. I added some weight as Kingsley suggested. 

Day by day, I started to see changed in my body. The excitement of seeing some muscles definition made me want to go to a gym every day. I knew I would get more motivation in a place where everybody was exercising. 

I kept doing the challenges but added new exercises into my repertoire after watching other people.

"I asked questions, I talked to strangers, I learned at every opportunity that I could." 

At the end of the first 30 day Challenge I have ever done, I was in the best shape ever since moving from Brazil to America in May of  2015. I knew that this was just the beginning though. 

I couldn’t just quit as I said I would when I started the challenge.

After I finished the first 30 day challenge, things have changed a bit. Winter came and I got lazy.

Cuffing season started. I lost my focus. My healthy eating habits wavered and my workouts dwindled.

The only thing that didn’t change though was the fact that now my mind always blames me for eating bad things or not going to the gym (Which I am ok with).

Before, I never cared about my health but now even unconsciously, I do care. The Fittest blogger's 30 day challenges have changed my life forever. These challenges have made me fit-conscientious.

Now I try to help myself and my friends that want to get in shape physically and mentally at any chance I can.  

Seeing Kingsley so focused and in love with his craft keeps me motivated. That’s why wherever I go, I can honestly only speak good things about my buddy “The Fittest Blogger” and the challenges he puts me through. 

I am very glad that I did that very first challenge back in Summer ‘16. I still do his challenges and my mind is more focused now than when I NEVER worked out.

Moral of the story. Working out was not my thing. I didn’t care. But I took the chance on the challenges. 

I was rewarded with not just a change in my body, mind, and self-worth, I was rewarded with an everlasting change in my lifestyle. If I hadn’t tried the Fittest Blogger’s 30 day challenge last year, then I would have never known how happy I could actually be with my body.  The first step was to taking a chance. And I am very glad that I did.

Kingsley you rock, you deserve all the credit. Thank you for all your help fam!!

Isadora Campos | www.thefittestblogger.com
Isadora is a lover of Brazilian chocolate, a fitness junkie, and loves to eat everyone's food without their permission.

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