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Monday, October 13, 2014

The secret behind weight loss is a lot more straight forward then you thought

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Those who want to lose weight all want to know what the secret behind weight loss is.
 As if there is a Holy Grail or undisclosed recipe that they desperately seek. Some of these people search for innovative and popular diets that their favorite stars are using in hope to shed some weight before this weekend’s festivities.

Each season there is some new diet such as the 5:2 diet in which you eat whatever you want for five days and diet the other two days. Or how about the Alkaline Diet which restricts your diet to strictly high alkaline foods such as raw green vegetables, spinach and nuts. And let us not forget the humorous Japanese diet. In which was developed out of the pure fact that Japanese people live longer than the rest of the world, so hey why not eat like they do. This diet includes fish at least three times a week, tofu, seaweed, ginger, and pickles among other things.

There will always be a new diet plan to pop out of seemingly nowhere. But they are not the only thing that will drastically change your body or throw you the assist to reach your fitness goals. They cannot alone lead to the weight loss you desire.

I will let you know the secret. Now pay attention, I don’t want you to miss this. Turn off the music or flat screen in your room. The secret that so many people have neglected on their journey to weight loss comes down to one single word. The secret to losing weight loss is persistence. For those who do not know the definition:
Persistence noun
Firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.
Persistence to stick to your nutrition plan. Persistence to cut back your caloric intake. Persistence to stick to an end date in your goal planner. Persistence to continually hit the gym. Persistence to get up every day and say I can do this, I will not quit.

Yes you can go to the gym every now and then and see your weight fluctuate up and down thinking you’re making an improvement. And yes you can change your diet by starting one of the plans I mentioned above. But stop and think about this for one second. What is a plan if you do not adhere to it? When was there ever a goal that did not meet that bitch difficulty or opposition?

When being persistent in your fitness endeavors, remember that you must not think short term. Short term gains and losses are insignificant. Unless your short term goals are batches for an overall goal. Besides that, staying fit, gaining muscle, or losing weight will always undoubtedly be a long term effort.

Therefore, you must be persistent and see your goal all the way to end. Whether you succeed or fail at it, you be the judge. Now go kick ass, be persistent and burn some calories.

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