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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 no-brainer tips on how to stay motivated to workout during Fall

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Yes summer is over. It is getting cold out, but just because its cold out doesn’t mean you have to stop working out.

The cooler weather during the fall is perfect for outdoor activities. It will keep you from the extremes of summer and its blistering heat and humidity, and the frigid snow storms that come from winter.
When fall comes around the corner, many people feel as if it is time to pack away their summer outfits and put away the grill. They also tend to lack the motivation to work out or go to the gym since they plan on showing less skin during these cold months.

But please do not fall into this trap of excuses. Get up, Get out, Get moving.  I call this level of thinking the triple OGs. And no not the triple original gangstas, but the Three obvious Gs. So here are some simple tips to use during the fall to stay physically active.

1. Start a new activity 

In the fall you can find a variety of activities to keep you motivated. Fall is a great time to start a new activity. Whether is hiking new trails, or starting new group fitness courses inside your local gym.

Rock climbing is not just a great activity that allows you to be out in nature. It helps increase muscle tone, burn calories that leads to weight loss, and improves cardiovascular health.

Skiing or snowboarding. Depending on where you live. These activities will definitely get your heart rate pumping and tones your core muscles. Your abs will surely be sore the next morning.

Bike riding. Take a ride through the country side and back. Or if you are in the city, take the scenic route through a part of the city you’ve never been too. If you don’t own a bike, there are many bike share stations in the city, so you have NO excuses. Biking is a great full body exercises that builds strength, cardio respiratory endurance, and muscle definition.

Hiking will never get old. Find a new trail and challenge yourself to beat a certain time to finish it. Hiking has plenty of perks; scenic views, fresh air, lowers risk of heart disease, boosts bone density, strengthens your core, the list goes on.

Stand up paddle boarding If you never been paddle boarding, then it truly will surprise you how much of a core workout it is. There are now yoga classes that can be done on paddle boards. Just don’t fall in the water.

Group activities. We cannot forget all the group activities such pumpkin picking, corn mazes, haunted trails, and building leaf piles. All active options that are also fun bonding experiences for family, significant others, and friends.

2. Train like a mad man, so you can eat whatever the f*%# you want during the holidays 

One of my secrets to working out is it allows me to eat whatever I want during the holidays. Once Thanksgiving and Christmas come around, you want to be able to say “Hey I can eat whatever I like, I have earned it.” No one wants to be the person who says, “I’ll work it off tomorrow” or “I’ll lose weight for my news year’s resolution.” 10 years in a row. And only to look idiotic while consistently gaining weight year after year.

3. Stay ahead of the game 

While all your friends are bunkering down and staying warm inside their house. You can be the alpha by continually pushing yourself. Throw on a sweatshirt, put away the beer, and get your butt outside. Your friends will be extremely jealous of your persistence and physical shape once spring comes out and you are in bikini wearing shape while your friends are dreading the gym trying to “get in shape.”

4. Post a picture of the ideal body you strive for on your bathroom mirror

Studies have shown that daily motivation can strongly influence a person’s desire to be fit. If you see your goals enough times, then your only option will be to accomplish that goal. And never let anyone bring you down mentally saying that you cannot reach that goal.

5. Drink Tea 

Instead of spending your heard earned money at Starbucks, drink more tea. Tea will allow you to warm up for the cooler temperatures. Green tea and black tea contain antioxidants that help ward off diseases during flu season so you can remain healthy and active as the season shifts.

People with asthma should prepare well for any outdoor adventure, since the cooler and dryer air may trigger an attack. So carry you inhalers at all times.

Get out and have fun and do not let the cold deter you from your fitness goals. Get up, Get out, Get moving.

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