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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why sprinting is better than jogging

I am a big believer in sprinting vs jogging. Especially that of outdoor sprints which in my opinion are 2X better than jogging or using a treadmill.

First things first, step outdoors!

Not only is your body temperature higher from running outdoors, but you also get the extra benefits of Vitamin D from the sun. Sprinting is also a form of HIIT which is high intensity interval training. HIIT training takes less time to achieve the same results as longer, slower types of training.

Additionally the exertion from running while your body is trying to cool itself will cause your heart rate to increase, your sweat glands to open, and allowing you to reach your anaerobic threshold faster. (For those who want to lose weight, listen up!) If you are not working hard enough or running long enough for your body to reach this threshold then you are fooling yourself. 

The anaerobic threshold is that moment when you say to yourself "Ah I just got my second wind". Once you reach that state then your body has exhausted most of the calories from carbohydrates, simple sugars, and proteins. It has now moved on to your reserves which is your FAT cells. 

This is the state you always want to get too when working out. When you are sprinting, you are explosively propelling yourself into the sprint hereby exerting your body to perform. Research has shown that doing sprint training along with eating more calories can actually help you build muscle, which in turn burns more fat even when you’re inactive. 

If you want to see better results in shorter time, I highly recommend sprinting. Next time you want to hop on the treadmill or elliptical for an hour, stop and think about this post. Then get off that machine, go outside and perform a set of 50-100 yard sprints for 20 minutes. Measure your results for the week. Then do it again for the second week. What gains did you make?

If sprints ever become too easy, then do variations of uphill and downhill.

So next time you decide to hit the treadmill, go outside and hit the field. Sprint preferably.

I will speak more about the Anaerobic threshold in a later post. Until then.
Go out there and "get sh*t done." 

Happy training.

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  1. Very informative..especially that whole threshold thing. BUT are you really cheating yourself if you dont get to that threshold despite a daily routine of say jogging?