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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 ways to make working out fun

From time to time, working out gets rather dull. So you must always seek for new ways to motivate yourself to continue on. Here is a list of 8 ways to make working out fun and reach your fitness goals.

1. Create a new playlist
Change your music playlist every week. Or listen to Pandora or Spotify (I would have mentioned ITunes Radio, but Apple and I have a love-hate relationship radio). 

Any person without a doctorate degree understand the strength of a good beat or drop and the energy it can release to get that extra set in.

2. Work out with a friend
Working out with a friend is always a change a pace. No guy wants to look weak in front of another guy, and no woman wants to not keep up with their training buddy. 

Photo: WebMD

The intrinsic motivation to keep up will have you lifting heavier weights and running farther distances.

3. Challenge your friends
Anyone knows, when there are stakes on the line, you will attempt to win the prize. Unless you have it all (then this does not apply to you). But challenging one another gets the job done

Such as loser(s) has to buy drinks (or protein shakes). Or loser(s) has to run to extra laps.
Make it Fun.

4. Working out with a stranger or seek your swolemate

Ok caveat to this one: Workout with some who looks trustworthy and physically stronger than you.

There are dozens of people in gyms who need partners to workout with, but many of them are either unapproachable are afraid to reach out. But if you’re lucky to find a workout buddy at your gym, then I suggest you take the chance of embarrassment. 

Working out with others not only open you up to different styles and workouts, it will also give you a gauge to work with. If you two are similar body types, it can be a great opportunity to test your own physical strengths and weaknesses. It’s also a great way to network.

5. Compete in a body building or physique competition
Hey nothing is scarier than standing in front of a room full of strangers naked. But taking that leap of faith to compete will help you see immense gains.

Even if your an ametuer, it doesn't hurt to try photo: bodyproud

Not only physically but mentally as you become more enlightened to others perspective of your body.

6. Sign up for an obstacle race

There are literally dozen of obstacle races to choose from. The big spike in 2014 is validation of how popular they have become.

These courses offer a fun way to kill yourself (not literally).

Some of the courses are not for beginners. They push you to perform, even if it’s for fun. And just knowing that you have signed up for one, you’ll start hearing a little voice in the back of your head telling you to get the f*** up and get to the gym.

 Trust me, you’ll need to be prepared. Some popular obstacle runs ;Tough mudder, Gritty goddess(Sorry fellas, for women), The Fugitive, Foam fest

7.  Try out a new gym

Going to the same old dusty gym gets pretty mind-numbing. Take time away from your gym by supporting your local gyms.

Photo: Fitball

They are more than willing to let you test out their gyms and classes. Just walk in. Almost 90% of gyms will offer you a free weekly trial minus private gyms. They don’t care.

8. Start a new routine

Lastly, if you are an avid gym goer and you do the same routine over and over and wonder why you’re not seeing gains, then you my friend are an idiot.

Try to switch up your routine every few months to not only reduce boredom, but get your body past the hump and reach the goals you have set .If you cannot think of a new routine, go check out bodybuilding.com, fitness mag. They have dozens of workouts ready to be downloaded

So go out there and kill your workout with one of these tips or you could..

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