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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Doctor pleads guilty to fraud, faces up to 13 counts

Photo : myfox Detroit
Doctor Farid Fata, 49, a Detroit area cancer doctor has plead guilty on 13 counts of health care fraud, one count of conspiracy to pay and receive kickbacks, and two counts of money laundering.

Fata has been treating patients with chemo for years now even though they didn’t need the treatments. He intentionally misdiagnosed healthy people. Tuesday morning Fata was charged with running a $35-million Medicare fraud scheme that involved billing the government for unnecessary oncology and hematology treatments

This sicko is currently being held on a $9 million dollar bond after whistle blower Angela Swantek contacted state authorities. Swantek was a chemotherapy nurse that worked for Fata. And reported the incident back in 2010

According to the government, Fata had a patient load of 1,200 people and received $62 million from Medicare. It has been recorded that Fata billed Medicare for more than $150 million.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Americans aren’t even safe in their own country.

Not only do we constantly hear about judges selling prison beds, now we have to worry about picking the right doctor who won’t sell us out to big business. 

Unfortunately since Fata plead guilty, none of the questions why he did what he did and for so long was answered. Families might never know if their mother, brother, father, or child ever actually died from cancer or died from Fata’s hands.

Full story can be seen here

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  1. A few bad apples mess it up for the rest of us, doctors smh.