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Monday, September 15, 2014

Nike in talks to build a professional athletes only airline

Usually when home teams decide to get up and go, they will purchase contracts with large charter airlines in order to safely get their players to final destination.

Photo: Nike/Teague

The minute the athletes get to their seats, they begin to see their physiological state post game.

And as we all may know, most athlete are overly tall or musclebound. But even with sports athletes like that of soccer and baseball, they still feel some stiffness and discomfort from long flights. 

A 2008 study by Nikhil Swaminathan published in Scientific American showed that Major League Baseball teams traveling to game sites three time zones away lose 60% of those games.

Teague, a private company, has come up with the concept of "Home field dvantage 40,000ft in the air" in hopes to combat the problem of constantly flying throughout the season. They have partnered  up with shoe company Nike to come up with this concept, which is sure to create quite buzz in the airline and sports industry.

Check out these awesome photos from Teague:

 Photo: Nike/Teague

These beds can comfortably sleep 7 foot giants

Eat whenever you want Photo: Nike/Teague

They have even made a section that stores players meal plans that correspond with their body's nutritional requirements.

Injury prone athletes will love this (Derrick Rose, Robert Griffin the third ) Photo: Nike/Teague

You can even perform biometrics testing inflight. Cold and and heat treatments, and not to forget massages galore.

Photo: Nike/Teague

The lounge in the lower lobe where players can just kick it

All in all this plane is pretty friggin sweet. Even the urinals analyze your urine and will let you know if you are dehydrated or not.

The Nike/Teague partnership is definitely something to watch out for it. I'm sure Adidas will not be far behind. Reebok should try to....you know what, never mind Reebok.

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