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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TFB’s Supplement Corner - Nutra FX

For serious lifters and even those who want to build muscle, we all know that protein and the right essential nutrients are needed to assist the body in thus efforts. But when we can’t get it all from food, we must then supplement in order to see the GAINzzzz.

Product Review

My friends over at NutraFX sent me a goodie package a few weeks back as an early Christmas gift filled with a few of their top products. And to my surprise, I actually liked them.

Usually I stick to the typical Muscle pharm or Gold standard, but I decided to go ahead and give Nutra FX a try.

Criteria For Review

A simple 5 star system based on flavor, dissolubility (how well it mixes), and overall “feel” of the product. I say "feel" because I did not collect any scientific data based on pre and post results while taking these products nor did I use a control or test group. The feel is solely based on my opinion and experience using supplements.

The products

To be honest, out of all the products I received, I only used two of them. The pre-workout Surge and protein powder Whey FX.


Flavor: 4/5 – Sour apple – The flavor wasn’t my favorite, but it wasn’t terrible. Flavors are more of a personal choice, so I won’t knock off points for that.
Dissolubility: 5/5
Feel: 4.5/5 – This pre-workout does what it promises. For instance, a typical set on the incline bench where I was doing 10-12 reps turned into me doing 18-21 reps on the first few sets. This pre-workout definitely was a surge of much needed energy, especially after an 8 hour day in the office.
Overall score: 4.5

Whey FX

Protein blend (whey protein, whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate)
Flavor: 5/5 – Cinnamon – Man, this is probably one of the best flavors I’ve had in a while. I’m not just saying that. This protein powder kills it in the flavor category.
Dissolubility: 5/5 – For those who use shakers, you will understand how valuable this is. The fact that the powder mixed so well in a water bottle made it a winner in my books.
Feel: 4/5 – I can’t speak for whether or not I gained muscle over the last 2-3 weeks of using this supplement because there are way too many factors  to consider such as timing, genetics, days at the gym, diet, etc. But I can say, taking 2 scoops after a workout did curve my appetite slightly which can be beneficial to those who are going into a cutting phase. 
Overall score: 4.7

Final thoughts

There was no scientific data collected buuuuuut overall, I was highly surprised and pleased with the both products. Nutra FX products didn’t over-promise nor did they under deliver on what they are meant for. I mean my body is the last few week’s looks on fleek, but like I said before, there are too many factors to consider. Supplements are just one out of the many.

As an avid gym goer and supplement user, I officially would recommend the Nutra FX brand to the public. So give it a try and come back and drop a note on how it went for you.

To get your hands on their products, visit NutraFXSport.com and use AFF20 to receive a discount. Good luck and Happy Lifting!

-Kingsley Egei
The Fittest Blogger

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