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Monday, April 24, 2017

4 Honest Tips To Focus On Proper Nutrition

Just about everyone nowadays is busy all the time. Between kids, jobs, friends, and everything else you spend time on each day, it seems as though there is never time left to focus on yourself. Causing you to neglect proper nutrition & fitness, leaving you living a less fulfilling and unhealthy lifestyle.

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Most of the time, you have so much going on that might absent-mindedly grab snacks from the breakroom or later on realize that at 10 pm, you have yet to eat dinner. You intend to make it to the gym this week, but by the time the weekend rolls around, you are exhausted or you have to spend the weekend at your kids’ basketball tournament. 

Of course, if you don’t make it a point to focus on nutrition and fitness, you won’t have the energy to keep up this frantic pace. Lucky for you, today’s tips will help you shine a light on your nutrition and fitness bad habits. Allowing you to find ways to fix those habits and flip your chaotic life.

Tip 1 | Educate Yourself 

It’s easy for you to grab junk food and tell yourself “I will just work it off by running farther or working out an extra day tomorrow at the gym. “ But, if you don’t plan on making getting fit a priority, you will just be adding extra calories that are not going to just disappear.

Not to mention, eating junk food equals eating empty calories that don’t have nutritional value. And if you didn’t know, eating too much of a bad thing can lead to diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, and a host of other health problems. 

Eating high glycemic or high sugar content foods and beverages will make you crave more sugar in the long run. The vicious cycle is a dangerous one to fall into and a hard one to climb out of.

For some people, educating themselves about the importance of nutrition and fitness is enough to motivate them to make healthier eating and fitness choices.

Tip 2 | Focus on high quality foods

Healthy foods and sufficient water will help flush the body of toxins. If you ever struggled with addiction, a solid and well-rounded diet will aid the body in repairing damage from drugs and alcohol. 

Get the right and highly nutritious foods in your diet will help you:

      1. Feel better
     2. Gives you more energy
     3. Helps you build muscle
     4. And can improve your focus

Tip 3 | Focus on getting fit AF

Physical fitness is just as important as proper nutrition. When you make fitness a priority, it is a night and day difference of the results you will see in your life and health.

Make time to exercise. For beginners, start by walking and hiking. Graduate to joining an exercise class or gym. If you don’t have time to get to a gym, find an online yoga class or cardio class that you can do in the comfort of your own home in the morning or early evening.

Tip 4 | Plan ahead

Since most of your life already is about planning and making lists and schedules (I hope), try planning ahead to help you focus on your diet and fitness. 

Sunday night, meal prep for the week ahead. Create a weekly menu board or use a calendar or list app on your smartphone to keep track of each day’s meals for a week at a time. Cook your breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Sunday. Put them into individual containers for the week. Then simply grab them on your way out the door in the morning.

As for planning times to exercise, it can be as simple as penciling workouts into your day. Walking during a lunch break. If you get an hour for lunch, spend 30 minutes walking and 30 minutes eating. If you have a favorite television show that you refuse to miss, watch it while you walk on the treadmill. If you take your children to soccer practice, walk laps or jog around the complex instead of catching up on email or scrolling through instagram. 

When you understand the importance of proper nutrition and fitness and take time on the weekend to plan the upcoming week’s meals, you’ll soon find that focusing on healthy eating and working out becomes part of your day. You just need to shift your thinking and view proper nutrition and fitness as essential parts of your day and before you know it, they will be. Happy Lifting.

Contributor: Paige Johnson

Paige Johnson is a fitness nerd and shares her insights on LearnFit.org

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