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Monday, November 28, 2016

Eat This Holiday Season WITHOUT Feeling Guilty

Well, well, well….it’s that time of the year again. The blissful days of food, family, and beer. It’s the holiday season and there is absolutely no way around it. With a plethora of food and indulgences around, it’s no surprise that we all gain a few pounds this time of the year.  But hey, it’s still possible to get fit throughout this holiday season.

Friends, Friendsgiving | www.thefittestblogger.com

First and foremost, this is not a “You can’t eat this” or “You can’t do that” type of post. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to eat mom’s traditional Jolloff rice with fried beef and oven roasted turkey. Oops sorry, my Nigerianism slipped out. I digress

The main point is that it happens. Sometimes the dishes are just too rare and delicious to pass up on. So today, I refuse to guilt anyone who wants to turn a cheat day into a cheat month.

BUT! Let’s not forget why we picked up the weights in the first place or what led you to this blog post today. That goal.

We all have some goal that we set for ourselves when we decide to make a change. Whether it is a life change or a physical change, the goal has been set and it must be met.

To help you continue on the right path, here are a few tips on making it through the holiday season without sacrificing your gains:

How To Workout Around The Holiday Season

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Knock out your workout early!  With so many distractions of family and friend social gatherings, your nights and even weekends will be filled with activities. So wake your ass up early in the morning and get your sweat on.

Make sure to sleeeeeeep Family, friends, and alcohol are usually a bad cocktail that results in long and sleepless nights. Your body can only handle so much stress before you get sick or fatigued. And we all know getting sick is the last thing you want to do when it comes to hitting the gym or hanging out with family, so make sure you get plenty of rest and recuperation. 

Workout anywhere There is literally always an opportunity to work out. Whenever I hear someone say “I didn’t have time” I damn near always convulse from anger. There is and will always be time and a place to work out. Turn off the TV, putt down the egg nog, and pump out a few sets right there in the living room. Don’t make excuses. Excuses are for losers. And since you’re reading this blog, chances are, you are no loser. 

Do a 30 day challenge In case you didn’t know, I offer free 30 day challenges each month that you can literally do anywhere! These 30 day challenges are HIIT workouts that take 15-20 minutes to complete. Being that it’s a short workout, there is really no excuse for you not getting your butt up and into action. To receive a 30 day challenge, simple go to www.facebook.com/thefittestblogger and like and support the page. Once you have liked the page, comment “Send me a challenge!” and your wish shall be my command

At the end of the day, the holiday season is a beautiful thing and I will never turn my back on you all if you decided to binge eat and drink. I just hope you take a moment to sit down with yourself and get your shit together. When you’re doing so well at sticking to goals, family and friends can really make it hard for you to want to continue. But don’t fret. Follow the simple action items of today’s post and you will have a strong chance of making it out unscathed. Happy lifting and Happy Holidays! 

Kingsley Egei

-The Fittest Blogger

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