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Monday, June 13, 2016

Is It Time To Give Up On Your Fitness Goal?

You've been hitting the gym 3 times a week for months. Pushing yourself past your limits. Yet the 20 lbs you wanted to lose or gain has yet to yield its beautiful results. You hold your head down and eventually lose all motivation. But honestly is giving up NOW your best option?

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Ok so if you are an avid reader of The Fittest Blogger then you should know the answer to this question before I type the next sentence. And if you don't know my answer then I will come to your house and slap the bitch'assness out of you.

When it comes to attainable goals, you must never Quit. You must never back down!

If the path to success was straight and narrow, then everyone would have what they want. It would literally be physical and emotional anarchy.

Not everyone is going to be beautiful. Not everyone is going to be rich or tall or working their dream job on some far away tropical island. But everyone has the option to live a healthy and fit life.

If you're physically able, then reaching your fitness goal is absolute and positively attainable.

If you fall, then do 10 push-ups and stand your ass up

Sometimes we succeed but most often we fail. That's one of the all time greatest truths about being a human being. We are not perfect.

But every time we fail or fall short of reaching that goal we have in mind, we must step back. We must take a moment and decipher what we did right and what we did that went wrong. 

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Eventually those failures will lead you to success. Whether it is in life goals or fitness goals.


Failure helps mold character and integrity NOT quitting. Quitting shows a lack of heart and motivation. Quitting shows weaknesses surfacing.

Get Remotivated 

The fastest way to get back on your grind is to get re-motivated.When you don't see the results you want, you may often "fall off the wagon."

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Feelings of defeat and f**k it mentality slowly creep in. Good habits you have picked up become less prevalent. Leaving you less active at the gym and more active at the fridge.

Listen up. It is your job to consistently keep the motivation stimuli going. Whether it is watching motivation videos each day, or finding a swolemate to consistently encourage you.

You're in charge of your destiny! So don't quit. Never Quit. If someone like me who has never met you before can 100% believe in you and the human race's will to succeed then there should never be any doubt in your mind that you will reach your goals. Happy Lifting.

-The Fittest

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