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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Time To Get ReMotivated, A How To Guide

Staying motivated is a necessary step towards reaching fitness goals. It is a mindset and desire to get something done. So just like any other person, motivation will come in strong and eventually fade out. To get to your goal, you will need to be constantly reMOTIVATED. The Fittest blogger is here to help.

You might be one of those people who will post a picture of their face on the body they desire. Or better yet a wiz with Photoshop. Nothing wrong with what you’re doing, but I’m sure you can look back and measure how much that actually kept you motivated.

Since we are in March, you will see the mass influx of individuals hitting the gym.

The weathers is nice, people are showing more skin, and summer is right around the corner. It’s time to “get back in shape!” (Those who think this way need to change their mindset. Being in shape is an all year mentality!)

Anyhow, behold we are in the season of packed gyms. Motivated by the idea of summer. But that motivation soon wavers down right around May. And people need motivation remain consistent and see results.

No worries though. Below are my favorite tips to constantly re-motivate yourself once the juice runs out.

Change your motivation each week Every Thursday or Friday, you should take the time to find something that is relatable to your situation. Whether it is a picture, a quote, a movie, a video on YouTube, or even the fittest blogger’s Facebook page. You will want to something that you can look at during a moment of weakness. And essentially keep you from bingeing over the weekend.
Get on social media, and follow those who motivate you There are literally millions of fitness pages out there. From blogs to Instagram posts. Use your time wisely by commenting and asking questions. Be sure to always ask how (Be sure to like or compliment before asking questions. It’s a courtesy thing). And feel free to be annoying. Be annoying by constantly asking questions, not by spamming or insulting. The owners of the pages love your questions because it validates that they are an expert in their field.
Do a mud run or fitness show When you know on a certain date that you have to be ready to compete, you will tighten up and get your act together. This kind of motivation tends not to fade as fast. Just the fact that you spent money to do something big will have your ass in the gym prepping for the day.
Measure your results weekly Monday to Monday is my recommendation. Every Monday measure your weight and waist. And when you’re at the gym, use every 3rd - 4th Monday of the month to test higher weights. If you start seeing and feeling that you’re doing too many reps, then chances are you've gotten stronger and its time to add weight. (Ladies please don’t feel afraid to bulk up. Your body will know when the time comes to stop adding weight and go into maintenance mode.)
Make a list of the reasons you want to accomplish the goal Yes you are a busy individual with everyday decisions to make, so it can be easy to say "Screw the gym. I’m tired.” That’s when you whip out this list to remind your ass to get up and get out to the park, the gym, the studio, etc. Save the list in your phone, wallet, or purse.
If you have kids, get in shape for them Kids can sometimes be the biggest motivation for parents. Every parent wants to live long healthy lives in order to watch their kids grow up. If you become demotivated and hesitant to working out, just think of your kids and how they could grow up without you. One day out of the blue you could have a stroke or heart attack. Here today, gone tomorrow. I’m sure you think that can’t happen to you. Think again.
Set a goal with an end date What do you actually want? And how are you going to get it? Like all things in life those two questions remain the same. Even when it comes to your fitness goals. You must set a deadline so that you know how much effort you need to put in every workout. You won’t really care if you miss day here and there without an end date. 
Have fun The most important part of getting re-motivated is having fun. If you are not having fun working out then things need to change. And it becomes really simple to fall into bad habits. Try something knew like squash, hiking a new trail, paddle boarding, etc. There are tons of activities you should incorporate into you workouts, so you be the judge and get up and out there.
Take these tips and incorporate them into your fitness plan. I write the above tips in hope for you the reader to better reach your goals. 

I truly believe in them and think that anyone with the mindset of reaching a goal is 50% on the right track. And the other 50% is mentally fueled by how much desire, persistence, and motivation you have to get to where you want. Happy lifting.

Did I miss anything? If so Comment below. Otherwise share this post with someone who needs to find some motivation.

Announcement: I will be doing my first physique competition this Saturday the 21st of March at Baltimore's Gladiator. If you there come say hi.

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