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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Will "McDonald's Next" Be Able To Capture The Fitness Community

McDonald's is coming for every single one of you with its new concept "McDonald's Next." The franchise just opened its futuristic prototype this week in Hong Kong in efforts to simplify, update, and continually capture the market of a more food conscientious society. 

Photo: RossHoneysett 

McDonald's Next hopes to be the next big thing in fast food as the company tests out a new concept over in Hong Kong. Check out what McDonald's of the future is supposed to look like. 

McDonald's Next kiosk | The Fittest Blogger
Photo : HongKongNavi

McDonald's Next features a Create Your Taste touchscreen kiosk which offers a new level of personalization and customer experience allegedly. The digital ordering feature allows customers to customize burgers and chicken sandwiches on the touchscreen kiosks.

Mcdonalds bakery | The Fittest Blogger
Photo : HongKongNavi

The Create Your Taste digital ordering system includes customizable salad options, with various ingredients such as asparagus, quinoa, crayfish, and couscous.

Watch them make the food in front of you | The Fittest Blogger
Photo : HongKongNavi
Yep you read that right, asparagus and cray fish at McDonalds. McDonald's Next even offers table service after 6:00 pm.

And so far McDonalds Next has been buzzing over in Hong Kong.

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Even though McDonald's has not always had the best record on food and especially that of healthy food options. It is actually quite amazing to see how far they have come.

Still personally, Mickey Ds is not my favorite fast food option but if they had McDonald's Next here over in the states, then you better believe I would make a stop or two each week. I mean it is bulking season after all. Anyhow, Happy Lifting!


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