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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

61 Years Old And Putting Younger Generations To Shame

It 70+ degrees and sunny in California. On this day, as I was visiting the beach in Santa Monica with a group of friends, I was filled with joy when I saw this guy off in the distance doing chin-ups without breaking form.

Ben doing dips | The Fittest Blogger

Midday and suns’ a blazing, I saw this older man off in the distance working out. What I found even more interesting is that he was doing it in his professional attire (Tucked-in shirt, dress shoes, tie).

He was at the popular Beach Buff Outdoor Fitness workout area. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s a huge area full of bars, pipes, ropes, and workout equipment of the sort where people can come and workout in public.

Anyhow, in my curiosity, I approached this peculiar gentleman. First thought as I got near, was “Why the hell is this guy working out with a tie on? Hope he doesn’t have to go back to work.” Welp, I was wrong.

I want you all to meet Ben, 61 year old California native.

Ben doing dips

I asked him why he was working out in professional attire and he responded to me “I need to work out.” At that moment, if I was a mother, this would have brought tears to my eyes. I was so delighted to see someone making time to stay in shape and did so without making the typical excuses such as:

“I have no time”…” I’m too busy”…” I don’t feel like it”

Ben went on to tell me that he only has one hour break for his lunch and he chooses to use that hour to walk to the beach and workout.

He is a true example of an individual who understands that excuses get you nowhere. I hope you all reading this can take this for what it is. And if you are in Santa Monica and see him, be sure to stop by and dap him up for me. Now go out there and do the same. Don’t make excuses. Happy lifting!

-the fittest

Do you workout in between your work day? Comment below on what your schedule looks like. And dont forget to like and share this post. Let's make Ben famous.

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