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Monday, October 26, 2015

World Health Organization Declares Bacon, Hot Dogs, and Processed Meat Cause Cancer

Let's be honest with ourselves, you knew processed meat was bad for you even before the  World Health Organization (WHO) had to declared anything. The whole food and eating clean movements did not start from some hipster whim. 
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There have been studies upon studies in the last few decades from the American Cancer Society all the way to the Food and Drug Administration, that linked processed meat (Hot dogs, spam, bacon, and sausages) to cancer. 

But today is defining moment in which the WHO has stated that processed meat does indeed cause cancer. The findings is backed up by the WHO, which is the most prominent health organization in the world.

The WHO also declared that red meat does increase the risk of getting cancer, but made sure to not define it as a cause of cancer.

Evidence comes from the WHO reviewing decades of animal, human, and cell research. Backing its findings with hard data, so you know that it wasn't just a piss poor study done with a small sample size over a short period of time.

But let's take a moment of silence today to talk about bacon. We all love bacon. The aroma, the flavor, and the satisfaction of eating it. It's a sad day for bacon lovers everywhere now that we know it can cause cancer.

But maybe we can get somehow get lucky like Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world's oldest woman at 116, who claims to eat bacon everyday.

Oh well, RIP bacon.

Back to the issues at hand. To make matters worse for hot dog lovers, a recent study from Clear foods, a company that uses genomic technology to analyze the world's foods at a molecular level, has published data from its findings and says that 2% of hot dogs tested contained human DNA.

What in the hell. 2% of what?!

That's right, you read that correctly. 2% of hot dogs has some source of human DNA in it. But look on the bright side, you can now tell your friends that you have something in common with the show The Walking Dead. 

However, you will probably never know if you ate flesh or not because human DNA can come from a variety of sources such as hair, saliva, feces, finger nails etc. All equally atrocious to even think about consuming. 

To be frank (Pun intended), hot dogs and frankfurters shouldn't be hard to give up.

Think about it like this. If you need to put a variety of condiments on your food to brighten up the flavor, then you shouldn't be eating that crap in the first place,

Anyhow, in the next few weeks or so, there will undoubtedly be naysayers who will disagree with the WHO. And most likely. there will be some smear campaigns from organization like the U.S. Beef industry trying to debunk the findings. 

But it should be clear to all the fitness junkies that processed meat is garbagio, so don't set your body up for failure. If you are making all types of gains in the gym, don't let that come crumbling down because your inside doesn't look the same as your outside health wise. 

Don't eat processed meat or do your best to reduce your total consumption of it. Stay healthy my friends. Happy lifting. #TheFittest

Full article on the World Health organization can be seen over at the Washington Post.

Do you agree with the world health organizations findings, or do you think its just another scare tactic to prevent us from eating meat. Comment below. Like And Share. 

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