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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Want To Look Good For Summer? Heres How

Now that I have gotten your attention. I want to be blunt by telling you that it’s not going to happen. Especially if you’re lazy and don’t have the desire to make sacrifices. Physically and emotionally. Getting “in shape” or to the body image you want for yourself this summer is a lifestyle change, not a pill in a bottle.

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There are literally a sh*t ton of fitness plans, articles, workout videos, trainers, gyms, boot camps etc. out in the world. Many of them free. Yet for some reason you want to wait for reasons to show skin.


Get your sh*t together. Weight loss or muscle gain is one thing every human without physical or mental disabilities can do. It starts with a mindset.

It’s like that cliché saying we all hear when a woman breaks up with a man on a chick flick;
“It’s not you, it’s me”
Now let’s imagine that “you” in the saying is actually your body and the “me” in this instance is actually yourself. And unlike the movies, you are actually admitting fault.

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Keep that image in your head and now think about how you want to feel and look this summer. Do you have that image and plan on how to get there going?

Ok, so here’s a secret. Now pay attention. You should be thinking and working towards that goal all year round dummy. Not just when you know summer time is coming around. 

Being fit is a lifestyle like going vegan, getting married, or even becoming a hippie. 

You don’t just don’t try to get in shape for a season, you try to get in shape for a lifetime.

For good health and longer life. Well actually, I can’t really say longer life since here in the U.S. cancer, strokes, and accidents are still the main causes of death. But hey no one should go around eating like a mad man with a death wish.

Get in shape for yourself, your life, and your family. If you like being overweight and out of shape, you’re only harming yourself and I would advise against it. 

So instead of waiting for seasons such as summer to motivate your physical awareness, get your ass up and out to the gym or track. And get working on your fitness plans. Study caloric intake and different workouts to move towards the body image you desire.

Summer is just one season out of the year. So sorry if you came here looking for tips on losing weight fast and getting in shape two months before bikini season.

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know by commenting below and sharing this post.

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