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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Get Sexy With The Ab Blitz Challenge

Summer is upon us. Try the Ab Blitz Challenge and build a sexy core in 30 days. But don't forget, working out is just half the prescription, You will build a strong core with this workout, but must also be willing to change your eating habits and what you put into your body while maintaining a strong strength training schedule. 


Toe Touches (30s)
Side-to-Sides (30s)
Suitcases (30s)
V-Up/Crunches (30s)
Hip Raise (30s)
Mountain Climber (60s)
Mountain Climber cross(30s)
Plank (60s)
5 Minutes x 30 days

Are you ready? Use the hashtag #theFittest to have your pictures and videos found. And spread the love through sharing the workout with those who need it.

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