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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To "Drink" And Somehow Still Gain Muscle

It’s no secret, we Americans love to drink. We drink to celebrate whatever the hell we can. The birth of children (many times the main factor behind conception), made-up holidays, new jobs, new homes, sporting events, etc. 

women drinking post gym | www.Thefittestblogger.comThe fact remains that alcohol use probably will never go away. But if you want to see results from your hard work in the gym, you must reduce it and time your workouts accordingly.

The effects of alcohol span across multiple levels of muscle recovery.

Once alcohol is consumed it will slowly enter into the body’s blood stream and stay there until properly expelled though perspiration, urine, and even through breathing. Something I’m sure you have become enlightened on your own.

How does alcohol affect your body?

Research study after research study have concluded that alcohol consumption can impair protein synthesis.

What is protein synthesis? Protein synthesis is the process in which DNA encodes for the production of amino acids and proteins. In laments term, your body creates the building blocks necessary to repair damaged tissues i.e. The micro tears in your muscle.

Your body begins protein synthesis immediately when you begin to workout out, but is more active as you sleep. The process can continue up to 48 hours.

Not only does alcohol inhibit protein synthesis, but it also has been proven to decrease muscle weight and lean body mass. Also preventing the repair of damaged muscles in a study of rats from the American Journal of Physiology. The list can go on for days;
Speeds up dehydration. Alcohol is a diuretic so it will increase your need to urinate and result in the loss of much needed electrolytes. Dehydration can also decrease your blood flow to the muscles and slow down recovery.
Alcohol affects your metabolism. Since you’re now dehydrated, you will feel hungrier and exhibit symptoms of fatigue.
Affects your quality of sleep. Your body needs deep sleep where does most of its protein synthesis process and recovery happens at full momentum.
Reduces growth hormones. Alcohol tends to disrupt sleep cycles which will lead to a decrease amount of growth hormones releases.

One of my biggest issues with alcohol is that it is cram-filled with useless calories. The calories from alcohol, if not burned up or expelled get converted into fat!

Those few vodka cranberries that you had for dinner can add up on you and in a hurry. Essentially adding unnecessary calories into your system that you worked so hard to burn off the day(s) prior.

How to beat the system and still get your drank on

You will hear constantly from the fitness nuts “Just don’t drink.” But let’s be honest, it’s just not that simple. I have seen many gym rats drink (but not heavily) and still are able to maintain great physiques.

The most important thing that may help you beat the system will be timing.

You know what days you will be working out. So it is simple math. Protein synthesis goes on for a max of 48 hours after working out. So if you know you had a grueling day at the gym, prescribe yourself with two days of no drinking.

A light day of working out, then some light drinking won’t hurt. Slowly sipping your beverages.

So just don’t go straight to a bar after your workout and don’t ever use a straw. It makes you drink faster and yearning to get another.

Vice versa, If you know you will be going to the gym tomorrow, then please do yourself a favor and do not binge drinking. You are prepping for failure.

I hope you learned something today. Did I miss anything? If not SHARE and TAG a friend or family member who likes to drink right after leaving the gym.

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