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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tabata Training? What The Hell Is That

Avid gym goers and fitness enthusiast hit the gym motivated each week to reach a goal. But let us not kid ourselves, it does getting boring. Inhumanely and nail bitingly boring. But a new routine can be a blessing. So if you get bored, try this rising in popularity workout as a change of pace.
Women doing Tabata | The Fittest Blogger

What is Tabata?

Tabata is such a strange name to call a workout in my opinion. But opinions don't make fat cells cry, so I digress. Tabata training was discovered by Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team in Tokyo, Japan back in 1996.

He and his team conducted tests with two groups of athletes. The first group of people cycled at a moderate intensity five times a week for 60 minutes. The second group kicked it up a notch by cycling at a maximum effort for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rests in between for a total of four minutes. This group worked out four times a week plus one 30 minute moderate intensity session a week.

The testing of group two pushed their bodies to use 170% of their VO2 max. Literally meaning they were getting their asses handed to them by these scientist and forcing their body to work without oxygen. Essentially reaching their anaerobic thresholds at a faster rate than their counterparts.

The results of the testing proved that the Tabata protocol (used in group 2) showed improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity of participants. It wasn’t the fact that high intensity workouts produced better results, it was the fact that shorter recovery times held the key to improving fitness. 

How do you do it?

It’s extremely simple (well not really).

To workout out Tabata style, all you need to do is choose your workout or lift that you want to do at the moment. Then;

  1. Go as hard as you can for 20 seconds
  2. Followed by 10 seconds rest
  3. 20 go/10 stop x 4 sets
  4. Boom! You’re official killin’ it!

Tabata training can be used in almost any workout you choose to do. Not only does it get your heart pumping, it also speeds up the death rate of your calories in a shorter amount of time then moderately to low intensity workouts.

Those who like to workout at home

Try this out (20 seconds max effort/ 10 seconds rest

        Burpees x 4 sets
Air squats x 4 sets
        Lunges x 4 sets
        High knees x 4 sets
        Mountain climbers x 4 sets

So get out there and try something different.

Take this week off your normal routine and do a max of two HIIT workout sessions using the Tabata style. And then come back and let me know how it goes. Happy lifting.

- TheFittest

Did I miss anything? If so Comment below. Otherwise share this post with someone who wants to try something different.

Physique competition update: So on my last post I mentioned that I was entering a Physique competition through the NPC. Check out how it went.

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