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Monday, August 29, 2016

Doing Squats Alone Will NOT Give You The A** Of Your Dreams

The woman’s body is a beautiful thing. From top to bottom. But all over the world, there is an obvious consensus of what sticks out the most. And if you guessed “Dat ass,” then you my friend are correct. The size of the buttocks has bloomed and exploded into a phenomenon causing women to resort to crazy antics such as ass shots, plastic surgery, and the oh-so infamous “squats movement.” But plastic surgery aside, does doing squats alone give you the ass of your dreams?

Teyana Taylor does more than your average squat | www.TheFittestBlogger.com

Before I start, I believe squats are an important component for working the booty, but it isn’t the only thing you want to be doing.

The fallacy of squatting every day or performing 30 day squat challenges has quickly led many women to boredom around the world. Causing them to fall short of their booty goals, especially when they don’t see the butt that they imagined for themselves.

So to be frank, squatting is not the “major key” or the answer. The real secret about getting the ass you want is first and foremost being happy with what God gave you. Once you love yourself, then working on your body and your booty will become eaaaaasyyyy.

Sometimes negative motivation does work but when you’re positively motivated through self-love then it becomes so simple to get into your workout, to be consistent in the gym, to eat right, etc.

If you don’t have what the next woman has, then fu*k it!

Stop letting society depict how you should love your body. Whether or not you have a Nicki Minaj booty or a Tara Reid extended back, there are people that will love you for who you are.

But if you’re serious about getting those ass gains for yourself and it’s 100% an innate goal of wanting to look the best that you can in your own eyes, then your boy is here to help.

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Wrapping it up, to get the ass of your dreams, you must do more than squats alone. You must love yourself because some people are just blessed to have the bodies they got. Some people are dedicated. And others just go with the flow. Which person are you?

Additionally, having a sexy back side should not be the only thing you focus on when you’re at the gym. Focus on the entire body, mind, & soul, and I promise you that you will never regret it. Happy Lifting!


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