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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sorry Massy Arias But I Hate When Trainers Charge For 30 Day Challenges

Ok well today I was looking at some photos from Mr. Olympia from this past weekend. And just like any normal person, when you see a fit or built person online, you will no doubt click on their pictures which will eventually lead you to their social media or website. Well after some digging I began to notice a peculiar, yet unsettling trend among online trainers. That trend was the big increase in "30 day challenges."... for a "small" price.  There are literally trainers who will charge up to $150 dollars per challenge in an effort to make a profit. I'm all about making that money but this shit is getting out of control.

photo :MassyArias

Today I will divert my knowledge and usual sharing of what I learn about the human body to get out my thoughts on these idiotic 30 day challenges for a price.

Now don't get me wrong, if they are working then all power to these sort of programs. But its my own personal belief to share knowledge when you can. And charge for more expert functions. But when I see trainers charging for simple things such as 30 day challenges, I really get ticked off.

I agree that trainers should charge clients for complex things that require expert and professional services which should accompany high price tags. If trainers, better yet if professionals did not charge for their services then no one would find value in them nor be inclined to use their services.

However, I am sick and tired of seeing 30 day challenges being monetized. One of my favorite female trainers at the moment is Massy Arias. I love how she motivates her fanbase and empowers woman all over the world. But she of all people is abusing her knowledge in an effort to make money.

How can you truly care about changing lives if you put a price tag on everything?

And it's not just Massy Arias that I am upset with, it is with all trainers with great knowledge monetizing things that can be found or done for free especially when it is a simple ass 30 day challenge.

Don't get me wrong, paying for personal trainers will always give you the edge and get you to your goal at a faster pace. But to charge people for a pre-made document filled with common sense knowledge and basic exercises in my opinion is a scam.

It's common knowledge if you put in the work, sacrifice your indulgences, and stay focused for 30 days straight then you can reach whatever reachable goal you want.  It doesn't even have to deal with fitness or losing weight. Putting in the work and making the sacrifice is step one.

Think about this for one second. If you continually expend calories at about 400-700 calories through resistance training(+cardio) per day for 5-7 days per week, while eating clean, and at a caloric deficit then NO SHIT YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT OR SEE A CHANGE.

Let's be serious, you're going to pay someone to tell you to workout for 25-30 days? You can literally pick out any workout you find online, do it for 30 day straight, and will see some change in your body. 
It ...is ... NOT... ROCKET SCIENCE.
People need to understand that at the end of the day, your will power can be a strength or a massive weakness. Yes a personal trainer is always the way to go when you need to reach specific goals, have the time, and just don't know what to do in the gym to see results. But for things such as "30 day challenges," I as a trainer say do not waste your money.

There are awesome websites out there such as 30 day fitness challenges and Darebee that offer you free 30 day challenges. If you want a 30 day challenge that is fun and rather challenging then I will give you a free 30 day challenge if you need one. 

This is not a joke. Email me at TrainMe.TFB@gmail.com if you're serious. I do this because I believe in people. I believe with the right motivation, will power, and sacrifices people can do whatever they put their heart to.

Anyhow, I still love Massy Arias, so I hope she doesn't take this as a low blow. And I foremost believe that trainers should be payed for their time and knowledge. But 30 day challenges for a price can get TF. 

Happy Lifting! #TheFittest

Agree or disagree? Either way, I don't care. Just wanted to get that out. And once again, I will give you all a free 30 day challenge if you need one. Contact trainme.TFB@gmail.com.

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