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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Why You Should Never Skip A Meal EVER

Every now and then as human beings we find ourselves getting caught up with our own individual tasks, often causing us to skip a meal (or two). Many of us thinking “Boo hoo,” it’s not too bad to skip a meal here or there. But don’t be fooled my friend. Let me break it down.

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If we all sat in the courtroom today charged with the count of “Skipping breakfast in the 1st degree,” then you’re damn right we all would put forward the plea of guilty. Some of us might fight the charge, most of us would not.

Skipping breakfast, lunch, or dinner is not uncommon. It happens, but does that mean we should let this cycle continue time and time again?

The answer is NO, unless you wake up every day with your significant other beating you with a stupid stick.

But why exactly is skipping meals such a big problem?

There are many overlooked and adverse effects of skipping a meal. More than you probably failed to realize;
1. Your body will slow down metabolism. Your body shifts into starvation mode. And will try to conserve as much energy from food as possible.  Slowing down your metabolism in order to keep your most important bodily functions going.
2. Your blood sugar drops.  One of the most problematic issues come from low blood sugar causing you to not only be irritable and cranky throughout the day, but adding to a multitude list of health issues which are mentioned below.
3. You overeat at your next meal.  To make up for the dip in your blood sugar, your body will go out of whack and cause you to overeat. When you skip meals the hunger hormone, Ghrelin, goes crazy and causes you to feel hungry even when full.
4. Skipping meals can cause chronic bad breath. Yep that’s right, I said chronic bad breath. How you may ask? Skipping meals will reduce the production of saliva in your mouth needed to remove the bacteria from your teeth, tongue and gums. And if you’re stressed then you become more susceptible to dry mouth. Coupled with increase in stomach acid that stress will cause.
5. Your brain is also affected. Without a steady supply of nutrients into your body, your brain’s processes become sluggish. You get foggy and irritable at times. Once you hit this state you tend want to hit Starbucks for that double espresso or the cafeteria for huge cup of black coffee. Using the caffeine to make up for the loss in your brain power.
6. Muscle loss. This one right here hit close to home. If you keep skipping meals, your body might use your muscles as a fuel source. Braking down fibers. After all the hard work you put in at the gym, do you really want it to go to waste?  None of you reading this want to ever have this happen, this is taboo in the fitness world.
7. And by far the most adverse effect; weight gain. Skipping meals can actually cause you to gain weight. Before you get excited, I am referring to FAT gain not muscle. Specifically that of visceral fat which is composed of white adipose tissue. AKA the granddaddy of belly fat.
A study from the Ohio State University found that mice that ate all of their food as a single meal and fasted the rest of the day developed insulin resistance in their livers – which scientists consider a telltale sign of pre-diabetes. When the liver doesn't respond to insulin signals telling it to stop producing glucose, that extra sugar in the blood is stored as fat.
Yes I know we are not mice, but the process is the same as that of human beings. When skipping meals or starving one’s self, the liver may develop insulin resistance. Making glucose linger in the blood. If the calories from glucose is not used or burned up through exercise, the body will store the calories in fat or the white adipose tissue around the midsection. 

How to eat often

Thankfully this problem does not need rocket scientist to fix. Some obvious tips to forcing yourself to grab something to eat:

Planning your day out. Start each and every morning with breakfast. Have it premade so that you can just heat to up if you must. Have a strict time frame of when you will eat throughout the day and stick to it.
Snacks, Snack, Snacks. This should be a no brainer. Carry around your favorite snacks each and every day. Preferably quality snacks high in protein and fiber. 
Meal prepping. Portioning your food out and saving it in microwaveable containers. It is simple, just pre make all your meals for lunch and/or dinner and save in your refrigerator. Making meals for the week will keep you from procrastinating and getting all the high quality nutrients you need while saving a few extra bucks through restraining from eating out.
There is literally dozens of ways to eat throughout the day, unless you’re stuck in a desert.

The debate about skipping meals

The debate about skipping meals or eating 5 times a day is literary a never ending argument. Many people believe that they can do this and still live a healthy life, which of course is possible. But this article is meant for those who are on a fitness journey and either want to lose weight or pack on muscles.

So if you fit into these two categories, then it will be nearly impossible to reach your goals if you skip meals. That’s just the way it is, your body must be replenished with nutrients to jumpstart metabolism, digestion, protein synthesis, etc.

If you aren’t on a fitness journey then feel free to take my words with a grain of salt. As long as you’re healthy, then keep doing all the right things that you’ve already been doing.

Until next time folks.

Did I miss anything in this article? Or do you disagree that skipping meals is detrimental? Comment below and SHARE this post with your friend who 

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