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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Body Weight Training is #1 Fitness Trend in 2015, Never Thought I’d see That Coming

As you might know or not know, I am pro-High intensity interval training. But low and behold, a study from ACSM has reported data that  body weight training has moved up to the #1 fitness trend in the New Year.

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Body weight or otherwise known as Calisthenics has seen a huge spike of popularity in the last few years. With a spike of trainers incorporating it into their strength training repertoire.

Social media has been blasted with videos from the likes of Calisthenics Kings to Bar Brothers of sick pull ups, crazy hand stands, and even the planche push-up (which I still think is physically impossible for my 6’5 frame).

Body weight routines used to be more for the 9-5 worker who wants to get back into functional shape. But it has devolved back into a powerhouse of the most adored types of workouts.

Just for kicks, here are a few other other popular fitness trends of 2015:

2015 Top 11 Fitness Trends
1. Body weight training
2. High-intensity interval training
3. Educated, certified, and experienced fitness professionals
4. Strength training
5. Personal training
6. Exercise and weight loss
7. Yoga
8. Fitness programs for older adults
9. Functional fitness
10. Group personal training
11. Worksite health promotion

I will not bore you with a list of body weight exercises today. But come back for future videos on hundreds of ways to make body weight training fun and more demanding.

Do you think that body weight should be #1? Share and comment 

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