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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finally, an explanation on why people use foam rollers

For the longest I wondered why I saw some of my favorite athletes using foam rollers instead of just stretching. So I decided to do a little research.

The fittest blogger | Women on foam roller
photo : Myfitnesspal

Why you should use foam rollers?

Using a foam roller is also called the self-myofascial release, it is a bushy term for saying self-massage to release muscle tightness.  Basically foam rollers are used to relieve muscle tightness. The foam roller applies pressure on precise locations on the body.

How does it work?

The use of the foam roller is like giving yourself a deep tissue massage. It breaks up and relaxes tight muscles and adhesions formed in between layers of muscles and surrounding areas. Which will allow normal blood flow to return to the area. Which in return will cause normal to quicker recovery times of your muscles.

When should you use?

You can use a foam roller before and after your workout. Properly rolling before working out will allow you muscle spindles (which makes you muscle contract) and your Golgi Tendon (which makes the muscle relax) work in balance since the blood flow will not be constricted. However, I would recommend a short dynamic warm up before any stretch or use of the foam roller.

And you’d obviously want to use after a workout to remove any imbalances of knots in the body. The foundation to any stretch or foam rolling is to have constant and unobstructed blood flow through out your body. It is highly necessary for good health.

If your elderly and don’t work out then YOU NEED TO FOAM ROLL

Even if you don’t work out constantly, the foam roller is a great tool for your body. The older you get, the least likely you will end up in the gym. And fat will begin to solidify in certain parts of your body. 

Which in turn will increase resting heart rate, especially since the fat is pushing and squeezing your veins and arteries. Causing all sorts of cardiovascular issues. You will want to use a foam roller throughout your body just to release any knots you may have in your body. 

And even though you can’t burn off the fat at the rate that you want, you will have a better chance of getting even blood flow throughout your body with less tight muscles and less knots in your body.

Don’t be an idiot

Use the foam roller! If you’re not filthy rich and can't afford for weekly deep tissue massages, then you’re not doing yourself any good. Use the foam roller. Don’t be an idiot.

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