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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Truth Series: "Kingsley's Top 3 Reasons to Blog"

So I claimed about a month agao that I was an amazing blogger to my friends...

welp I lied. blogging takes time and effort and way too much thinking on my part. But if you are like millions of authors, bloggers, and know it all is the world, then blogging just might be for you.

1. Express yourself
Express yourself to whomever, whenever, and however you want. Through words, or dancing like a hoochie *coughs* like madonna. Its your Blog, make it work for you.

2. Earn Income
Now im sure we all wish we could throw "bands" like lil wayne. But for those who aren't short rappers, then you can rack up some funds through affiliating networks, Google's Adsense, or by charging people to advertise on your page, but only if you can create a popular and engaging blog.

3. Talk sh!* about a company, person, movie, book, etc
Welp talk shit get hit, does not apply online ( unless they know where you live). Talking crap is an awesome stress reliever FYI. It has become a common day art, and people have learned to take it to the next level and blog about their dislikes, hates, and all around pure fuc#$%ry about others.

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