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Sunday, December 20, 2015

How To Burn A Few Extra Calories During This Christmas Shopping Season

You have to do some last minute Christmas shopping and still need to go to the gym. Obviously you can’t do them at the same time, or can you? In theory, you can still workout and shop at the same time. However, don’t expect to get crazy gains or lift heavy weights as you try to combine the two. Luckily for you all who are just trying to get in a light workout or burn some excess calories, I have put together the best shopping/workout tips in 2015.

Get your yoga pants or joggers on. Grab your keys. And just like 85% of Americans this Christmas season, get your last minute shopping on!

This season you could do the simple "get in and get out,” but how about we spruce it up a little bit. For those trying to burn some excess calories this week or stick to a workout plan but don’t have the time, then definitely add these tips into your shopping activities.

Use your time wisely and let the workout flow with your shopping. No weights will be involved, so don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about looking like a fool at your local mall (Well hmm you might look foolish, but suck it up!).

Shop like a boss:

Tip #1 Park as far as you can

This shouldn’t be too complicated of a concept to pick up on. Park at the furthest possible parking spot. Some fitness experts believe that getting extra steps in your day doesn’t do sh*t, but I’d disagree. Keeping the body active will always have your metabolism in motion as it attempt to re-energizes itself.

By the end of your shopping spree, chances are that your steps will accumulate. Your body temperature will rise from thermogenesis, and your body will try to cool itself down. Viola, your body will now be burning excess calories from extra step as you shop.

Park at the back of the parking lot | www.TheFittestBlogger.com

Tip #2 Use only stairs

Unless you have a child in a stroller or shopping with a handicapped individual, there is no way in hell you should be using the elevator. If you’re not seriously injured, elderly, don’t have knee problems, and are a reasonably healthy individual, then you should not be caught taking an elevator.

Not only is it a sign of slothfulness, but you will miss out of the slight jumps in your heart rate that you would have gotten if you had taken the stairs. Anyone who has used stairs often knows well that it itself is a full body workout. So don’t skip this tip!

Tip #3 Squat, don’t bend 

If you have to reach down to grab the pair of shoes you really like then squat down. Don’t bend. Not only are you preventing spine and lower back issues in the future, you are working out incognito.

Feel free to put a number on how many times you squat. Such as 2-10 reps every time you need to bend over. Or feel free to do as many as you want. Just as long as you’re comfortable in your own skin, because there will be gawkers.

women squatting in store | www.TheFittestBlogger.com

Tip #4 Calf raises

Since I am struggling with puny calves and currently on day 20 of #calfRaiseEveryday, you already know that I had to add this tip. One of the best parts about doing calf raises is that you can literally do them anywhere. And most times, people won’t even know that you are doing them. So next time you have to reach up at something on a high shelf, throw in a set of 15-20 calf raises.

Tip #5 Make it a game

Gamifying your shopping with working out is definitely an awesome option you should try. For example, every store you go to equals 30 squats (1 store = 30 squats... You do the math). If time is not an issue, speed walk a lap around the store or mall in between every store you plan to shop at. 

If you’re still in reasonably good shape and the mall is not crazy packed, then go up the wrong escalator. Yes sounds crazy right? So please do take precaution before doing this. If the escalator is going down, then run up it if you can, otherwise use the stairs.

Tip #6 Work on your abs & posture 

Roll your shoulders forward and backward to first loosen up your neck and shoulders. Suck your upper abs inward and decompress your spine as much you can. 

Then, try making your spine/torso straight and keep it straight throughout as you shop. Also try to keep your upper abs flexed and inward as much as you can. You will be surprised by this tip at the end of your shopping spree.

Tip #7 Skip the food court

Unless there are healthy conscientious restaurants wherever you are shopping at, then skip the food court at all costs. Most of mall and fast food is nothing but over processed foods that won’t do your body any good. Whole food that you cooked yourself and that you know what went in it should be your only friend that you put in your mouth.

I’m not saying you can’t eat whatever you like, I am saying if you have a fitness goal in mind and want to keep it then restrict your consumption of processed foods which you will most definitely find in the food court.

Be sure to remember these tips as you hit the mall this week or get some last minute shopping done before Christmas. I hope you all meet your goals and may the force be with you. Happy Lifting!


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