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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why I Wouldn't Hire A Trainer Who Is Out Of Shape

In the fitness world, personal trainers are held at a higher standard. They are teachers who are believed to be knowledgeable in order to help others get to their fitness goals. They are held accountable of promoting wellness and healthy living. But these concepts go against all fundamental principles when your trainer is in worse shape than you are.

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Why do clients sign up and pay for personal trainers? There are usually two main reasons. 
  1. To lose weight 
  2. Or to gain muscle.
There are other trainers who deal more with the sports industry, but for today we will focus on the everyday trainer.

Clients look upon their trainer as the person who will get them from "body A" to "body B". A person they can rely on to get them the body they desire.

If you are a trainer, there is no way in hell you should be out of shape. It is inexcusable.

Smart trainers know your brand and image will make or break your client base. But over the last decade or so, there has been an influx of people looking to become trainers who in fact do not care about their image.

Causing a spike in new trainers of all shapes and sizes.

Let me reiterate, I am not speaking about those trainers who work in the sport industry or any other performance related fields. I am speaking about the trainers at your local 24 hr. fitness, LA fitness, or Gold’s gym.

There has been too many times I have seen severely overweight trainers in a gym working with a client. And do you know what they were trying to do for that client? 

Don’t worry I'll tell you. They were trying to help their client burn fat and lose weight!

What the hell. Can you imagine that? The client and the trainer were about the same weight (give or take 20 lbs.). What sense does that make.

You as the trainer need to get off your ass and be your own walking billboard. The better shape you are in, the more credibility you will be to your clients.

It is common sense.

It is like going to a dentist office in which you know he or she is knowledgeable and well educated. But the dentist has the most jacked teeth you have seen in over 10 years. Bad breath and all. Would you come back to that dentist?

Or for you business savvy folks, you hire an accountant to outsource work for your company. Then you do a background check on that accountant just to find out that they have filed bankruptcy twice in the last few years.

It just shouldn't happen. These are the type of people clients need to run from. And that goes for trainers who aren't up to your standards.

If you are a trainers whose out of shape, get your sh*t together. People rely on you and your image is a reflection of who you are. Additionally trainers in great shape have been known to attract more clients.

If you are looking for training and have signed up for sessions with an out of shape trainer, you should probably rethink it. Do yourself a favor and run. Do some research and work with those who really care. There are a lot of trainers out there who want to see you succeed. Go to them.

And if you like to stay at home and work out then feel free to do online training which is always a great option.

Sign up to be notified about my upcoming online personal training in which I will personally create fitness plans and personalized videos for you, Contact me at trainme.tfb@gmail.com.

Do you agree with this post? If not, then prove me wrong. And don't forget to share with your personal trainer friends.

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