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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Should your role models be celebrities?

Many times, we as human beings have the urge to admire others.We look up to celebrities, successful people, beautiful people, and those in phenomenal physical shape etc. We have intrinsic obligation to look up to role models in hopes of becoming like them. But are we choosing the right people to model after?

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As a child, I often would rip out magazine clips, photos, and even posters of my favorite NBA players. It would be posted across my room. And up until now, my taste for what I love has changed, but I still have role models plastered among my room of who I want to become like.

Now you’ll see success quotes, clippings from Entrepreneur and Men’s health magazines, notes, crazy ideas, and a variety of productivity tips.

But what do all these clippings of inspiring people do for us if we can or never will be able to do the things they do?

At this point you must have remembered your role models that you have or had in your room. That you watch each week on YouTube or television. That you follow on twitter and pay hundreds of dollars a year to go to their show or concert.
Do your role models actually inspire you?
For many people, when they choose a role model and fall short of being like that person, they invite feelings of comparison. And instead of inspiration, they feel defeat and frustration. They wonder if they will ever become like that person.

How to overcome feelings of comparison and frustration

You must choose a role model that is like yourself. Sounds easier said than done. But you must and can find people with the similar background as yourself.

For example, you are 5’0” tall and you look up to Shaquille O’neal who is 7’2, and you decide one day that you will play center in the NBA. Let’s face it, it's not going to happen.

Or if you want to bench 700 lbs like Matt Poursoltani. Psh, keep dreaming ( or prove me wrong). There are hand-full of unique people with talents that others can only hope to attain, but might be impossible.

This is why it is imperative for you to choose role models that you feel similar too. Someone who has accomplished something that you know you can also accomplish. Choose a family member, friend, or co-workers who you admire.

Rather than using celebrities or famous athletes whose connects, background, and experience will most likely not match yours.

Choose the right role models, and you will get to the goals that you set forth. Choose the wrong role models and set yourself up for feelings of doubt and self defeat. And you will surely never meet your goals.

Or hey, you can always choose option 2 or 3.

Option 2, you prove me wrong. If you get your head and heart to the right place. And use sacrifice and persistence as cornerstones of your value system. Then you just might have a chance. No matter how different you are from you role models.

Option 3, you love yourself no matter what. And the only things your'e inspired by is yourself and your family.

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